The Untethered Sky

Fonda Lee     Recommended by Luka    

The Untethered Sky is a new novella from Fonda Lee, the author of the electrifying Green Bone Saga. If you’re unfamiliar, that saga is an epic, action-packed magical-family-drama in a gangster metropolis. The Untethered Sky, by contrast, is a slower, high-fantasy tale that nonetheless demonstrates Lee’s vivid world-building, flair for morally grey characters, and glorious magic systems. Ester’s world is populated by vicious, human-devouring manticores and the gigantic falcon-like beasts – rocs – that hunt them. Rocs bond to the humans – the ruhkers – of the King’s Royal Mews, and Ester finds purpose in their leagues, though her bond with a fledgling roc is tenuous. Her family was brutally torn apart by manticores, and she’ll stop at nothing to avenge them.

It’s a deliciously exciting novella, and Lee packs a LOT into 160 pages. It’s a great pick-me-up if you’re in a slump, or as a palate cleanser between fatter fantasy tomes. – Luka

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