Dim Sum Palace

X. Fang     Recommended by Staff    

Liddy is so excited about going to the Dim Sum Palace tomorrow with her family that she can’t sleep!

So when a delicious smell wafts into her room, she hops out of bed, opens her door and steps into… an actual palace of dim sum!

There are dumplings, baos, buns, and more delicious treats than one girl can possibly eat. Liddy just has to take a bite, but, oh no! She slips and falls… into a bowl of dumpling filling! The chefs are so busy rolling, folding and pinching dough that they don’t notice they’ve prepared a most unusual dumpling for the Empress – a Liddy dumpling! Worst of all, she looks good enough to eat…

We love the unique and adorable illustrations in this delicious picture book.

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