Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs

Edited by Laura Keenan & Casey Mulder     Recommended by Staff    

The first micro memoir collection published in Australia, this eagerly anticipated anthology from Night Parrot Press is now available. Founded in 2019, Night Parrot Press is an independent, not-for-profit publisher of non-traditional works of fiction and non-fiction based in Perth.

Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs is a celebration of real life. One hundred authors give voice to the raw, chaotic and joyful spectrum of what it means to be human. Each micro memoir is unique in its scope, but the collection resonates with threads of shared experience across cultures and generations. In 750 words or fewer, these carefully crafted stories invite the reader into the histories we often edit—or don’t tell—about ourselves.

The collection includes writing by new and established authors including Zoe Deleuil, Barry Divola, Mabel Gibson, Seth Malacari, Shirley Marr, Donna Mazza, Susan Midalia, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Rashida Murphy, Gillian O’Shaughnessy, Maria Papas, Cindy Solonec and Ros Thomas, among many others.

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