A Therapeutic Library: 100 Essential Books That Teach Fulfilment, Calm and Wellbeing

The School of Life     Recommended by Staff    

Books, however familiar, are amongst the strangest objects on the planet: little portals that open directly into the ideas, feelings, loves and sorrows of writers from all times and places.

There are many reasons to love reading. But boldly, we emphasise one: we read for emotional guidance and support. The right book can bring consolation or courage; it can locate fresh sources of generosity or confidence; it can help unlock our half-forgotten reserves of creativity or resilience. But time is precious, and opportunity is limited.

That’s why The School of Life has put together an ideal library that can speak helpfully to our individual needs and longings. Ranging across history and drawing on world literature, we’ve found our group of book-friends. A few may be acquaintances already, many will be new companions. But all offer the same essential thing: they will go with us as true friends through the complex, fascinating (and sometimes painfully hard) places of life with kindness and wisdom.

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