What Happened to Nina?

Dervla McTiernan     Recommended by Luka    

So… What Happened to Nina? My first foray into Dervla McTiernan’s catalogue; it’s good to know if I ever need a good crime-mystery, I have a new confidant in McTiernan! What Happened to Nina? is very, very hard to put down. It reminded me somewhat of Gone Girl – grisly missing-girlfriend crime-drama – in an era where ‘picking a side’ is fodder for brutal, rage-fuelled, click-bait algorithms. The mystery of what happened to Nina Fraser expands into a dark feud between the Frasers and the Jordans. The Jordans are certain their love-sick son (and Nina’s boyfriend), Simon, is being framed. The Frasers just want Nina back, at whatever cost. The rumour mill is a weapon, and between the two grief-stricken families, they stab true. It’s odd to call a crime novel ‘a great time’, but… I had a great time reading this. It’s seriously captivating. -Luka

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