The House That Joy Built: the pleasure & power of giving ourselves permission to create

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‘A joyous gift from the heart, practical and wise. Blasts those I-can’t-do-this terrors with both barrels.’ Susan Johnson, Aphrodite’s Breath

‘I adored The House That Joy Built – it’s readable, relatable and raw. A gentle call to action for creatives. This book is my new talisman for a creative life – it will hold my hand when I’m drowning in self-doubt and fear. Holly lays her heart on the page and encourages readers to do the same.’ Amy Lovat, Mistakes and Other Lovers

The House that Joy Built is about the transformative power of finding joy through creativity, and offers a jump-start for anyone whose desire to create is flattened by fear. Fear of feeling vulnerable, of criticism and judgement from others, of not being good enough, of having ‘bad’ ideas, of being ‘too much’. This book is for everyone who has ever felt stuck creatively. It is for those yearning to write, and also for anyone who longs to create but doesn’t know how to find a way into, or back to their imagination.

Uplifting, powerful and inspiring, The House That Joy Built is an exhilarating, openhearted clarion call to experience the joy and freedom of creativity.


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