The Nature of the Jarrah Forest

Eric & Janine McCrum     Recommended by    

The Nature of the Jarrah Forest describes the plants and animals that occur in the Jarrah Forest. This book gives a glimpse into the complexity of the relationships within the biota, and some of their special adaptions for survival. Chapter by chapter plant life is described: mosses and lichens, fungi, oddities like gymnosperms, flowering plants with a separate chapter on orchids and of course, overstory trees. Then follows the animals beginning with mini-beasts: worms to grasshoppers, beetles to butterflies and spiders to centipedes. Next the larger animals: amphibians and reptiles, birds and finally mammals. Each entry has a photograph and a description which may include a fascinating snippet of information.

Prolifically illustrated with photographs by Eric and Janine, this guide is designed to be used by anyone with an interest in natural history. This book is the realisation of Eric’s dream to spread the message, to all generations, of the intricacies of living things, by looking closely within the Jarrah Forest.

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