Prostitute Laundry

Charlotte Shane     Recommended by    

‘It is so beautiful and so heartbreaking. It’s a book that makes me feel a little less alone.’ –¬†New York Times¬†Books Podcast

This serial memoir follows Charlotte over the course of several years as she falls in and out of love, muses on the nature of sex work and the value of beauty, discovers hidden emotional complexities and contemplates leaving her profession. Growing out of a series of confessional letters sent by the author to a small but devoted mailing list, her candid, unstinting and sometimes heart-breaking meditations have gained thousands of subscribers and a cult status.

Prostitute Laundry is a deeply thoughtful book about sensuality, money, and identity – how those forces can break us, and how they can make us whole again. By turns philosophical, funny and explicit, this is an affecting, immediate account of one life lived to its fullest.

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