One Song

A. J. Betts     Recommended by    

Aspiring singer-songwriter Eva has one last chance to enter Triple J Unearthed High and break into the music industry. But after three failed attempts, she needs some help.

Cue the band: perfectionist Eva, charismatic Cooper, easy-going Ant and moody Ruby. Plus fly-on-the-wall Mim, who’s filming them for her school Media project. Five people who have nothing in common but music. One emotionally and creatively charged weekend.

Can they record the most important song of their lives?

A.J. Betts is a Fremantle-based author, speaker, teacher, columnist and cyclist. Her last work was the two-book speculative fiction series comprising Hive and Rogue. A.J.’s award-winning third novel, Zac & Mia, is available in 14 countries, and its American television adaptation won two Emmys in 2018. Her earlier novels are Wavelength and Shutterspeed.

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