Cuttlefish: Western Australian Poets

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We are thrilled to have our poetry-loving paws all over the Sunline Press’ collection Cuttlefish: Western Australian Poets filled with over 80 poems by WA poets.

“… a volume I hope will be read by an eclectic range of readers, offering a glimpse into contemporary poetry and its forms and concerns but also a reading experience guided by the very aesthetic of the book itself. It is a book to be read in a single sitting, or one or two poems savoured in a brief interlude found in the day. It is a small volume, a book that can be carried around, read on a train, a couch, a beach. It is not an anthology that needs to read formally at a desk, nor is it to be read and never picked up again. These are short poems that invite you to go back as many times as possible.” Roland Leach, editor.

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