Edo-Punk! The Dynamic World of Ukiyo-e by Kuniyoshi, Yoshitoshi & Others

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Absorb the invigorating energy that erupts from these ukiyo-e artists’ works depicting the space between life and death!

Ukiyo-e are paintings of the “floating world” of the Edo Period, in other words, the daily life of the time that is depicted in an exciting, satirical and at times joyful way. Because they were popular among common people, they are said to have laid the foundation of Japanese pop culture.
This book is about two painters and their students, who are still highly regarded in the world of ukiyo-e: Kuniyoshi Utagawa, who gained popularity both in Japan and internationally as a “fantastical painter,” and Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, who painted a harsh yet beautiful fantasy world, and even influenced modern manga with his at times frenzied depictions, along with the painters who were active in the Bakumatsu years at the end of the Edo period.Flashy, punk, mysterious and bursting with energy, ukiyo-e paintings fascinate not only fans of traditional Japanese culture both in Japan and overseas, but also serve as a source of inspiration for a range of creators around the world, including manga artists, illustrators, and tattoo artists who perceive the dynamic and subversive essence of these works.

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