Noongar Boodja Waangkan

Jayden Boundry & Tyrown Waigana     Recommended by    

Noongar Boodja Waangkan – Talking on Noongar Country is an illustrated book of first Noongar words!

Wandjoo Noongar boodja – welcome to Noongar Country! Noongar is the language of the Noongar nation and is spoken by 14 different groups across the south-west corner of Western Australia. Written in Noongar and English, this fully illustrated collection of first Noongar words includes family, plants, animals, emotions, colours, numbers and more, with an audio link guide for pronunciation.

Jayden Boundry is Wadjak Balardong Noongar and Badimaya Yamatji. He is a Noongar language teacher and cultural consultant, didgeridoo player, traditional dancer and storyteller with Ngalak Nidja. Tyrown Waigana is a Wardandi Noongar (southwest cape country) and Ait Koedhal (Torres Strait Islander) multi-disciplinary artist and designer.

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