A Coffee a Day: Contemporary Café Design

Chris van Uffelen     Recommended by    

 The latest premises for coffee consumption and how they are constantly being redefined, reconceived and restaged.

Exchange and interaction, an escape from everyday life, letting the imagination flow, writing, reading, or simply doing nothing…

Drinking a coffee in a nice café, spontaneously or on a date, alone or with friends, is undoubtedly one of the things we miss the most during the 2020/21 pandemic – even if we have always felt the importance of these semi-private, semi-public institutions…

There’s hardly a beverage with which people are as eager to experiment as with coffee. In 2021 this included coffee concoctions with tea, alcohol and superfoods. Similarly, the locations of coffee enjoyment presented in this volume have become at least as diverse. This is true both in terms of the concepts, such as Unicorn Café, Cardboard Café, or Zero Waste Café, and in terms of the extremely creative design esthetics, from the room layout to the lighting and furniture design, to the space itself.

Hardcover / 192 pages / 300 full-colour pictures


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