Crisis Zone

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Megg, Mogg, Werewolf Jones, & the whole weird crew are back!

Over the course of 2020, cult favourite Simon Hanselmann created Crisis Zone, adding daily to the extensive webcomic via Instagram. The goal was to amuse the masses amid lockdowns & global uncertainty: no matter how horrible and bleak everything seemed, at least Werewolf Jones wasn’t in your house! As the Covid-19 pandemic continued to escalate far beyond any reasonable expectations, Crisis Zone escalated right alongside it.

The hilarious addition to the Megg and Mogg universe is now presented here, unabridged and uncensored, with a slew of added pages and deleted scenes, as well as an extensive Director’s Commentary from Hanselmann himself.

Watch Megg attempt to bury herself in a digital world of escapism! See Mogg fall down the rabbit hole of paranoia and conspiracy theories! Experience Owl’s metamorphosis from timid and uptight worrywort to a no-holds-barred, asskicking leader and back again! Witness Werewolf Jones’s journey from reluctant erotic performer, to viral TikTok stardom, to Netflix sensation! Bouncing rapidly between comedy, horror, action, and relational soap-operatics, Crisis Zone refuses to take the pedal off the gas as we all hurtle towards unknown destinations.

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