Worst Person Ever

Douglas Coupland     Recommended by Rhiannon    

Veteran novelist Douglas Coupland is back with his satirical takes on reality TV shows, the end of the world and political correctness gone mad. In the midst of all this lies Raymond Gunt (synonym fully intended), a B-unit camera man and a B grade human being who manages to find a spot on a Survivor style American TV show and drags along, what is now this reviewers favourite side character of all time, a homeless sage called Neal. From London to LA to a Pacific island paradise, hilarity and mayhem closely follows this pair of idiots. Coupland weaves this tale with a smart, observational take on the often bizarreness of modern life.

The writing is well done and fast paced, with all of the characters, both major and minor, life-like enough to be cutting you off on the freeway or taking a loaded shopping cart into your local express lane. This book is a must read for anyone who thinks the world is quietly going insane or who enjoys a comic tale involving bad things happening to bad people.

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