This Book is Full of Spiders

David Wong     Recommended by Rhiannon    

This Book is Full of Spiders (Seriously, Dude Don’t Touch it!) – The sequel to John Dies at the End (JDE), TBFS is bigger and better then it’s predecessor, being more accessible in writing without sacrificing the laugh-out-loud moments.  Set after the events of the first book, TBFS can be read without any prior knowledge of Wong’s wacky universe though a read through of the first book certainly helps ease the reader into the main characters predicament as (yet again) they almost destroy the world (this time with body controlling ‘spiders’).Unlike the first book, which was released online as chapters and, as result was in reality 3 Wong-flavoured adventures in one book rather than one continuous storyline seen in TBFS. Wong still uses the 3 book format to separate the story in which things go from bad, to worse, to as David would say ‘we’re f*@#ed!’. On a whole the story line is a lot more focused and well paced than the first book, which takes away a lot of those ‘what the hell?’ moments of hilarity in the original.

However, this coherence in Wong’s latest novel doesn’t detract too much from the overall humour and wackiness of this tale, with the internet’s favourite canine mascot (Molly) and its fair share of laugh out moments. The action moments are well paced and almost leap out of the page like it would if it was a graphic novel and, unlike JDEactually makes some well placed observations on Western society’s obsession with zombies, technology and mass hysteria.

This Book is Full of Spiders is a more evolved version of the internet’s favourite anti-hero’s with its new found maturity never detracting from what is without a doubt an hilarious and entertaining read.

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